Offshore Sales & Services (OSS)

The Company provides offshore delivery services for organizations outside the country especially those which have subsidiaries outside Ghana. This helps to cut down costs such as import duties and carriage inwards for those Customers in the event of transferring items to those destinations. 

The Items can be delivered through:

  1. Client’s Agent
  2. DHL, Air Freight or Sea Freight Services upon customer’s request.
  • Prices under this arrangement are very competitive.
  • Purchase order will be required under this arrangement with the exception of consignment stock.
  • Consignment arrangement with institutions resident abroad requires commitment from both parties to ensure a successful implementation.
  • Our prices shall not include shipment when the Company is to deliver materials through a nominated Agent.
  • On the other hand, prices will include cost of shipment but not clearing where our Company is to handle delivery of parts to your specified location or destination.

The Purchaser shall be liable for any taxes, duties or other impositions imposed by the Government of their jurisdiction.