Consignment Stock Agreement (CSA)

Another line of activity is the situation where selected products are stocked specifically for certain customers at agreed prices.

Under this agreement the products are stocked within the premises of the customer. Usage and replenishment reports are expected periodically from such customers for the purpose of invoicing and replenishment.

Consignment arrangement guarantees our client a reliable supply of most needed parts in any given month without having to wait for any lengthy period; this in effect saves them the time of searching the market for genuine and quality parts which in most instances cannot be guaranteed.

Price fluctuations and any changes in prices will be as agreed upon by both parties depending on the current trend of market and economic factors.

We believe this will relief our client from the burden of holding capital in stock.

The aim of this arrangement is to provide our client with required parts usage in any given month to avoid stock-out or overstocking.

There shall be periodic review of stock items and adjustment in stock levels made where necessary.

Irrespective of your geographical location within the country, consignment service can be provided to ensure client needs are timely being met.