Company Background

E K Bonsu Limited was initially established as an enterprise under sole proprietorship in 1996 by Mr. Ernest Kojo Bonsu, the founder. The Company has expanded to assume a limited liability status since 10th February, 2005.

The core business of the Company includes but not limited to the following;

  1. Sales and Supplies of Vehicles Spare Parts and Accessories.
  2. Sales and Hiring of Vehicles.
  3. Repairs & Maintenance of Vehicles.

The Company has its’ office located in Suame, Kumasi.

The success story of E K Bonsu Limited can be attributed to hard work, perseverance and ultimately, good customer-relations that drives every business which eventually translates into customer satisfaction.

Just like the humble beginning of every business that aspire to be great, the Company started with a one-room office nearly two decades ago, but has now experienced growth which many businesses never get to achieve.

E K Bonsu Limited has become a household name synonymous with automobile products and services, with a wide range of customers made up of individuals who benefit from single to multiple auto parts and services as well as corporate organizations, especially those in the mining sector.

Whiles providing professional and consultancy services, we guarantee any prospective client, flexibility and equal passion to customer-needs, be it at the individual or corporate level.

Our desire is to grow the Company to greater heights and through our Corporate Social Responsibility policies, reach out to the less privileged and society as a whole.

E K Bonsu Limited is a viable Company which has Directors and Management team with relevant and significant experience and expertise in the specific areas of finance, operations and legal. Additionally, the healthy organizational and clear governance structure of the Company has made it successful over the years.

The Company has out-grown its current premises at Suame Magazine and has acquired an area of 0.86 acre land situated on Plot No. 17 Block XV Ehwimasi, Kumasi near Rolex Shoe factory in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

This place is easily accessible and a less densely populated area as compared to the current office location.

The construction of the company office complex will be to accommodate the existing business and any other future expansions. This will be the construction of a two-storey office complex which will include a garage, showroom, shopping centre and hotel facilities.

The company has received all the necessary documentations and permits from statutory agencies to enable us build.

This is scheduled to be completed by 2016.

As part of our future plans, the company will be looking for a strategically located land in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana to start the construction of a second building.